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Akash Mudra

The middle finger is a symbol of the sky element. When the fire element and the sky element come together, then there is a feeling of expansion like sky. The sky element increases. Sound originates in the sky itself and through the ears the sound enters us.

To do Akash Mudra, put the middle finger on the tip of the thumb and straighten the rest of the fingers. By doing this mudra regularly, ear diseases, deafness, hearing useless sounds in the ears and weakness of bones etc.

How to do Akash Mudra

1- First of all, lay a carpet / mat on a clean and flat place.
2- Now sit in Sukhasana, Padmasana or Vajrasana.
3- Now keep both your hands on the knees and turn the palms of the hands towards the sky.
4- Join the tip of the thumb with the tip of the middle finger, keep the remaining three fingers straight.
Mudra Time:-
Do this mudra for at least 48 minutes. Practicing this mudra in the morning and in the evening is more fruitful. If it is not possible to do 48 minutes at a time, then 16-16 minutes can be done in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Benefits of Akash Mudra

1. Emptiness ends with the expansion of the sky element. Emptiness, hollowness, stupidity are removed, openness expands.
2. The hearing power of the ears increases and other diseases of the ear are also removed. Such as runny ears, tingling in the ears, deafness of the ears. For this, apply this mudra daily for at least one hour.
3. The expansion of the sky element cures heart diseases, all diseases related to the heart, high blood pressure also because the sky element is related to the heart.
4. The bones of the body are strong. Calcium deficiency is removed. Osteoporosis ie bone loss is removed. For this, exercise for one hour daily.
5. By making Prithvi Mudra with the right hand and Akash Mudra with the left hand, joint pain is removed.
6. Stiffness of the jaw is removed by this posture. Exclusive and instant benefits.
7. Putting the beads of the rosary on the thumb and turning the rosary with the tip of the middle finger, one gets material happiness, one gets opulence. The middle finger is a symbol of Shani, this mudra is also a symbol of Shani worship.
8. In the meditative state, this mudra creates vibrations on the Agya Chakra and Sahasar Chakra – which leads to the realization of divine powers and the development of inner powers. Most of the chanting and meditation are done in this posture.
9. Sky element is related to spirituality.
10. This mudra is a panacea for mentally and physically handicapped children.
11. By making Akash Mudra with the left hand, there is no danger of food going into the windpipe.
12. Kapha defects are removed. The phlegm accumulated in the throat is cured. If contaminated Kapha is trapped anywhere in the body, it gets rid of this mudra.
13. Epilepsy is also cured by this mudra.


This mudra should be done on an empty stomach. Your attention should not be distracted while doing this mudra. And this mudra should not be done in a noisy and dirty place.