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Shunya Mudra

Shunya Mudra is also called Heaven currency. Zero in this mudra means “sky”. It is believed that people who practice this mudra are able to hear the sound of Anahata with continuous practice. These anahata naads are not ordinary sounds. These can be heard only by yogis who have been practicing this meditation for a very long time. Thus, those people can enjoy peace. This mudra takes a person to another world. Actually by doing this mudra, they feel that they are in another world. In this mudra, the middle finger of the hand is used, which symbolizes the sky. It is believed that space is all over the world and it is in every cell of our body. Excess of sky element in the body causes disturbances in the body and various types of diseases – like weakness of heart, ear problem, headache or dizziness etc. Doing zero mudra helps in solving problems related to excess of sky element.

How to do Shunya Mudra

  • To do zero mudra, first of all, lay a rug or mat in a quiet place.
  • Now sit comfortably on it in Padmasana.
  • Keep in mind that your spine is absolutely straight during this time.
  • You can close or keep your eyes open while sitting. This is your wish. But with closed eyes you can concentrate well.
  • Place both your hands on your knees and palms should be towards the sky.
  • Bend the middle finger in such a way that it touches the thumb.
  • Keep the rest of the fingers straight.
  • Pay attention now. While meditating, keep your breathing normal.
  • Repeat this pose with both the hands.

Benifits of Shunya Mudra

1. Good for ear
Zero mudra is beneficial to remove problems related to ear and hearing. Shunya Mudra is a very popular remedy for ear disorders and tinnitus. Zero mudra has a special benefit to remove the pain in the ears.

2. Thyroid problem will go away
This mudra is also very beneficial in removing the problem of thyroid. Actually this mudra also plays an important role in balancing the hormones. Such as helps in correcting abnormal behavior of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism).

3. Body numbness relief
It is also beneficial in removing numbness of any part of the body. So if you also have such trouble or you feel, then regularize zero mudra.

4. Benefits of motion sickness and vertigo
This mudra prevents problems like motion sickness and vertigo. Motion sickness and vertigo can cause dizziness, lightheadedness or vomiting. Motion sickness and vertigo are mainly caused by inflammation in the inner ear. In such a situation, doing zero mudra can get relief from this problem.

5. Stress Relief
In this mudra the tension is given to the middle finger and this finger is pointed towards the sky, which is considered a symbol of heaven i.e. this mudra is helpful in relieving stress. By doing this mudra daily, concentration increases and the will power is also strengthened.

Other benefits of zero currency are as follows:

  • Doing zero mudra reduces laziness from the body.
  • By doing this the bones become strong.
  • This mudra is also beneficial for our heart.
  • This mudra is helpful in removing any kind of pain occurring in the body.
  • If you have a problem of swelling, then this mudra is beneficial for you because regularizing this posture removes the problem.